About Janitor Depot

We stand by our products, our services, and our company brand. Most importantly, we stand by our customers as their Sioux City partner in getting things done.

Like many of its employees, Janitor Depot was born and grown on Sioux City soil. Locally owned and operated for 15 years, this family business offers over 100,000 products to businesses and the public alike. On top of having a broad range of paper products, food service items, and office supplies, Janitor Depot also has a line of dishwasher and laundry equipment as well as a full repair shop where they can extend the life of many makes and models.

Janitor Depot owes its success to its loyal customer base and continues to invest in the community by offering competitive prices and free delivery within a 60-mile radius on all orders over $100.

Brad Figge

When Brad Figge launched Janitor Depot, he joined his passion for problem-solving with his experience repairing and maintaining equipment. A Sioux City native, Brad brings with him over 25 years of expertise in the maintenance and janitorial supply industry. If he doesn’t know the answer to your question, you can be assured he knows where to go to find it.


Paul Young

A Kansas City native, Paul Young came to Janitor Depot after graduating from Missouri State (but we don’t hold that against him). His friendly and energetic commitment to customer satisfaction has made him a knowledgeable and proactive partner to our clients and our team.

Zach Carter

Every company has to have an Operations Manager to keep it in line, and that’s exactly what Zach Carter does for Janitor Depot. Sioux City-born and UNI-educated, Zach’s primary focus is to make sure residents and businesses in Siouxland are aware they have a dependable, dedicated partner in support, equipment, and janitorial supplies.